Farm Folk Museum


On the ground floor of the farm , three rooms are dedicated to a small family folk museum.

Four generations have lived here since 11th November 1933, the day when grand-father Théo Favre, his wife Alice and their children arrived here as farmers. Chantal was even born on the farm. Later, she got married to André Pont in 1960.

At present, their daughter Isabelle and her husband Christophe breed Charolais cows and poultry among which you will see the world famous and unique Bresse chicken ( the only AOC poultry in France).

The main room is where the open fire is.
It used to be the room where peasants lived, ate and slept.

It is still furnished with antiques which belong to the owners’ family (a chest, a table and benches, a bed and the "archebanc" reserved to the old people and the master farmer).

You will also see the stone used as a sink, the “gaufriers” (iron moulds used to make some kind of pancakes), the beam on which bread was kept after being baked in the farm bread oven.


In the two other rooms, André Pont tried to show visitors how the farm has carried on being a traditionnal farm although techniques have improved. Of course, they don’t need a horse to plough the land any longer and hay is stored in big round balls. But , what is important is the way cultures and animal breeding are made.

They use cows’manure in the fields; they grow wheat, barley, oats and corn and once the harvest is done, they use the cereals as food for their cows and poultry ( chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls, ducks and geese). They have never been worried by mad-cow disease since they give their animals some food they know is good.
This tradition is still vivid on Montalibord farm.

The third economical activity on the farm is tied to the presence of a lake: once a year, by the end of November, fish will be taken out of the lake with a net and sold to customers on the road.

The huge number of cups and trophees he won with his family in Charolais breeding and Bresse poultry contests and those they got from the regional flower comitee are but true witnesses of a love of perfect work.

When he speaks of his farm and his work, one can hear how André Pont is proud of them. He is full of passion and may certainly make you share it.





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