On the first floor of the farm which used to be the cereal loft ( lou guerni*) , after you have gone up the stairs the former farmers used to climb with heavy bags of cereals , you will discover the hall and the 3 guest rooms each of them dedicated to one cereal :


Feel like a good book

the “wheat” room
(du Blô*)

the “oats” room
( L'avon'na*)

the “barley” room
( de l'ouarzou*)

* dialect from the Bresse area which is closed to the franco-provençal language.
A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere awaits you at this delightful 15th century farmhouse made of wood and bricks.
Each room is carefully furnished with antiques and you will like the private facilities.
You may also be surprised by the original architecture of the place we tried to keep as it used to be.
After a quiet , restful night , you will enjoy the delicious , full breakfast that you will have in the owner's dining-room. Let be tempted by some home-made jams and cakes !!

... and a nice cup of tea or coffee ?